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Our​ Promise

Our products contain nothing but the ‘Fundamentals’

We take pride in making all of our products by hand.

Each new product is born through extensive research, trial, error,

frustration and finally understanding.

It is through this process that we are able to

offer you the highest quality finished products.

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What customers are saying

Recieved fundamentals products for Christmas and I am OBSESSED! Their lip balm makes my lips SO soft- even through the dry winter days, the whipped lotion is fantastic, and the exfoliating scrub is perfect after a long day. In love!

So.... I am so impressed with the deodorant. Omg is all I have to say. As hot as it is today... I would be a smelly mess.... I can not tell you how shocked I am that I do not smell like hot garbage funk.... the body soap..... what? I don't want to come out of the shower! I feel so fresh and so clean.... I even got my daughter her first deodorant. The knowledge behind the products is phenomenal. Highly recommend just for the education alone. Please don't ever leave.

I purchased the Baby Balm, and I love it! My little man had been given multiple prescriptions to try to clear up a “rash” on his belly, and for months now nothing our doctor suggested or prescribed has worked. The area kept getting worse. I had nothing to lose, so I tried the Baby Balm. It is amazing! 3 days of using this product (once in the morning and once at night) and the red rash is almost gone, the skin is becoming “baby soft”... it’s clearing up! I would recommend this to anyone!! Thank you for this amazing product. I would recommend this to any new mom or dad!